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Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Digital Note Taking Software and Organizer for Business- The Evernote App

Evernote is a tool that allows you to organize your thoughts as you work. Note taking devices have always been around. Quite a few creative people have a tendency to make sketches of their ideas, or make written notes when they are inspired by something.

Businesspeople, teachers and persons in other professions sometimes rely on notes as well, to remind them of things that must get done during the day or within a specific timeframe.

With Evernote, men and women can make notes from a digital device that they can take with them anywhere. It has much more space than a regular pen and notepad and it matches other software tools that people might find useful, such as Jott.

Evernote on iPad and MacBook
Evernote on iPad and MacBook-via Wikimedia, CCA 2.0

Use Evernote’s Folders to Organize Your Digital Notes
Evernote has lots of different folders. For example, suppose you run a hairdressing business. Offline, you might have folders for hairstyles you want to try with your clients, changes you want to make to the d├ęcor of the salon, new tools you want to get, conferences you want to attend, etc.

After awhile this can get pretty jumbled and you end up having a bunch of folders with important information tucked away somewhere that you hardly check. Evernote gives you the ability to put the same information in folders on your iPhone. That means you can access it from wherever you are.
If you have a free moment and are browsing through a website on hair coloring, you can instantly save something that interests you in the relevant folder. Later on, when you are making plans to purchase specific brands, you can easily find those that you are interested in.

Store all Types of Information on Evernote
Evernote has another advantage over traditional pen and paper. If you are a shoe designer and find a store owned by a tanner whose work you admire, the most you can do with pen and paper is make a note of where to find their shop in the future.

With Evernote, you can take a picture of their work using your iPhone and save it. You can add the photo to a list of suppliers who you want to work with in the future. Evernote also allows you to tape voice notes, which via, Jott, are transcribed and recorded for you.

Marketing- The Key to Increasing Business Sales and Earning Money Online and Offline

Marketing is the most important factor to concentrate on when you want your business to grow. Without brand positioning, people who would find your products and services useful may never know that you exist and never get the chance to try what you have to offer.

If you hope to be an effective player in the niche that you are in, you must learn how to create an attractive image of your brand. Your competitors and their clients are in a relationship of sorts. Those businesses have a service and the people who purchase what they have to offer generally see them as suitable providers.

Your job as the owner of a business in the same niche is to develop the same sort of relationship, or an even better one, with your own group of clients. In order to do that you must first establish a presence. You must be where the people who would use your product or service are so that they can see you.

One of the popular ways to do this nowadays is by creating a profile on each of the popular social networks. That is, you will have to open an account on FaceBook and Twitter. There are several other networks available but these two cater to the largest number of people across the United States and worldwide.

By doing the appropriate searches on these networks you can find and invite discussion with people who want what your business offers. In every aspect of your interaction with them, you will be creating an image of your brand. You will show what your company is all about.

Heineken brand promotion
Heineken brand promotion-via Wikimedia, CCA 3.0

Zappos is an example of a company that has quite effectively used Twitter in their marketing efforts. Their brand perception has overall, been positive, because Zappos rapidly responds to nay queries or complaints that their customers have and they make an effort to keep in touch with their clients and find out what they are thinking.

You can and should do the same with your brand, no matter how small it is. You can influence the way that people see your company and make your organization the business of choice when they need goods or services that you provide. They will do this because they have learned to trust your brand and expect that you will deliver what they need.

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