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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is found in workplaces all over the world.It is one form of workplace discrimination.
Different forms of discrimination in the workplace are not perpetuated by one sex. Gender harassment is experienced by both women and men. Women in positions of power are as likely to use their position to get sexual favors from men.
While some workplaces have a harassment policy, they may not be diligent in enforcing that policy. Where the harassment policy is enforced, the harasser may face suspension or lose their job because of their behavior.

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The following are some of the behaviors exhibited by a person who is sexually harassing another:
Sending gifts, such as wine, etc even after being told to stop
Sending unsolicited messages on a regular basis, for example text messages
Saving pictures of the person on their phone or computer without their permission
Showing up at the person’s home when not invited
Making sexual comments that the person is uncomfortable with

Five Ways to Fight Sexual Harassment-Image by skinnylawyer via Flickr
In the police force, an officer who sexually harasses another may be suspended. There would be several reasons for applying this suspension, including the fact that the officer exhibited conduct unbecoming of an officer. In cases like these having the support of fellow police officers helps. If they saw or heard evidence of harassment it would assist in an investigation.

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