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Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to Find Low Interest Student Loans

By learning how to find low interest student loans, you can continue with your studies at a tertiary level without worrying too much about the cost of tuition. There are several lending programs in the United States that are designed to help students who are not working full time.

Some of these programs are only available to men and women who need assistance and live in a specific state. Even if you are interested in a financial aid program that does not exist in your region, the people who coordinate it may still be able to help. They can provide information on similar packages in your area.

How to Find Low Interest Student Loans
Many people apply for loans each year. All of them do not qualify. However you can increase your chances of getting a loan approved if you apply with a lender that charges less interest.
Check out these low student loan rates and lenders in America:
  • Georgia Student Access loan
  • Questa Foundation
  • SoFi student loan
By learning how to find low interest student loans, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long and short term. You can also cut down on the amount of stress you experience while trying to pay back the loan.
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Criminology Schools - Best Schools for Criminal Justice in America

Students who attend criminology schools can either earn a degree or a certificate in the area. People who go to the best schools for criminal justice may choose to study in a traditional setting or do their classes online.

These are five of the top related schools in this field:
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Florida
  • Northeastern University
  • University of Missouri
  • Rutgers State University in New Jersey
The courses which are offered at these schools generally cover these topics
  • Structure of the American court system
  • Police systems of practices
  • Criminal procedures and evidence
Of course, they also cover lots more information. If you think that a career in criminal justice is right for you, why not check these schools out and find out more about their faculty.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

KIVA Loans Review: The International Bank of Bob

The book The International Bank of Bob is written by Bob Harris. The International Bank of Bob is an account of his travels to Cambodia and other countries.

The writer wanted to experience first hand, the impact that the KIVA microloans had on the lives of people all across the world. It’s a humorous account and a reminder that each of us can impact the world for the better.

KIVA Loans are an alternative to traditional bank or credit union loan facilities. people sometimes need smaller loans, or microloans. KIVA Loans are usually for the amount of $25. There are many different reasons why individuals may decide to get a loan such as this.

People who borrow money via this method may not want to go to a bank for that amount of money, or may be unable to get it because they are not a member of a credit union or the loan is too small for a bank to handle.

They may have bad credit and may be unable to get another type of loan at rates they can afford. makes it possible for individuals to borrow between $25 and $50, at rates they can afford. For some enterprising individuals, this amount is enough to start their own business.

Can you Become an Illustrator with a Printmaking Degree?

Can you become an illustrator with a printmaking degree? Yes you can. Artists may study fine arts with a focus on printmaking and then work as illustrators after they leave college.
Printmaking lends itself well to black and white illustration. Printmakers such as Robert Blackburn have helped to train many talented artists over the years.

Robert Blackburn's parents were Jamaicans. He was born in New Jersey and later moved to Harlem. While his background was in printmaking, he was able to apply those skills as a professional graphic artist.

Donna Diamond was one fo the artists encouraged by Robert Blackburn in printmaking. She studied at his Printmaking Workshop and later used her training to do art for books. Those books have won the Newberry Medal, the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award and several other prestigious awards.

Here are some artists who work as illustrators and use techniques they learned as printmakers:
  • Alice Pattullo
  • JW and Melissa Buchanan
  • Cate James
You may also choose to do a Master’s degree in illustration if you want to focus on illustration. A degree in printmaking gives you the foundation to work as a graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Create a Powerful Brand Name by Using Images and Inspiring Positive Emotions

People who are interested in creating a memorable brand have to use things that make them outstanding to their target market. They must communicate ideas about their brand that make them interesting. They must also convince people in their niche that they are the best provider for whatever their needs are.

Logos are sometimes the first thing that we think of when a particular company comes to mind. If we don’t think of a logo, we may think of some other image. For example, with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), we may think of a drumstick, or biscuits. When we think of Lowe’s, we may think of a comfortable home, or home improvement tools.

What we think of first with respect to a brand also depends to some extent on the emotions associated with them. For example, if we think of a bill payment company, we may either feel irritated, or feel a sense of relief. A company that is doing its job well with respect to branding would have clients that experience positive emotions whenever the organization comes to mind.

If someone has a positive experience with your team members, they will remember you in that light. They will help to build your brand because they will speak well of you to their friends, family and other members of the public who may become your customers one day.

These two elements, images and emotions, are very powerful. When used correctly, they can significantly change the way that people perceive your company. That in return, increases the impact that you have in your niche.

Volunteering Abroad - Dangers Faced by International Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Workers

After a natural disaster, the risk of injury is high. During a war, the possibility of facing physical harm escalates. Relief workers head out to give assistance, knowing that they have to be on the alert, 100% of the time.

Relief workers are also known as humanitarian workers, or aid workers. They enter countries in need of aid, hoping to save lives and alleviate the suffering, of other human beings. However relief work is not for the faint of heart.

Once someone leaves their country, to go overseas, to help others who are fleeing a war torn country, they become at risk themselves. In 2008, 122 relief workers were killed and 260 were assaulted. This attack on people who work in this area is partly due to the fact that relief workers are increasingly being seen as political players.

In November, 2008, three gunmen attempted to kidnap two aid workers, while they were on their way to work in Kabul. An Afghan man who tried to assist the two aid workers was killed. One of the aid workers was also killed while the other managed to escape.

Humanitarian aid workers are also in danger from the elements. Several people were caught in the aftershock of the last major earthquake in Haiti. In China, in May, 2008, over 200 aid workers repairing damaged roads after an earthquake, were buried in the mudslides that followed.

Added to this, is the fact that the supply of clean water is usually limited in the days immediately following a serious earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster. This increases the possibility, of acquiring diarrheal illnesses such as E. coli, entamoeba and Giardia.

Humanitarian workers may even face harm due to cultural differences. In Sudan, aid workers were attacked by police in January, while they were celebrating a day off, with dining, drinking and dancing. Sudanese officials say that aid workers and members of the U.N. staff, will be held accountable, for breaking Sudanese law.

Relief workers often return home, having endured the same mental trauma as a veteran of war. This happens because of the frequency with which they undertake difficult, dangerous tasks and neglect food, sleep and personal care, in the race to decrease fatalities. To cut down on the effects of what they see and experience relief workers try to keep in touch with family and friends, try to keep their perspective and form good bonds with fellow humanitarian workers.

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