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Friday, August 22, 2014

Create a Powerful Brand Name by Using Images and Inspiring Positive Emotions

People who are interested in creating a memorable brand have to use things that make them outstanding to their target market. They must communicate ideas about their brand that make them interesting. They must also convince people in their niche that they are the best provider for whatever their needs are.

Logos are sometimes the first thing that we think of when a particular company comes to mind. If we don’t think of a logo, we may think of some other image. For example, with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), we may think of a drumstick, or biscuits. When we think of Lowe’s, we may think of a comfortable home, or home improvement tools.

What we think of first with respect to a brand also depends to some extent on the emotions associated with them. For example, if we think of a bill payment company, we may either feel irritated, or feel a sense of relief. A company that is doing its job well with respect to branding would have clients that experience positive emotions whenever the organization comes to mind.

If someone has a positive experience with your team members, they will remember you in that light. They will help to build your brand because they will speak well of you to their friends, family and other members of the public who may become your customers one day.

These two elements, images and emotions, are very powerful. When used correctly, they can significantly change the way that people perceive your company. That in return, increases the impact that you have in your niche.

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