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Saturday, August 23, 2014

KIVA Loans Review: The International Bank of Bob

The book The International Bank of Bob is written by Bob Harris. The International Bank of Bob is an account of his travels to Cambodia and other countries.

The writer wanted to experience first hand, the impact that the KIVA microloans had on the lives of people all across the world. It’s a humorous account and a reminder that each of us can impact the world for the better.

KIVA Loans are an alternative to traditional bank or credit union loan facilities. people sometimes need smaller loans, or microloans. KIVA Loans are usually for the amount of $25. There are many different reasons why individuals may decide to get a loan such as this.

People who borrow money via this method may not want to go to a bank for that amount of money, or may be unable to get it because they are not a member of a credit union or the loan is too small for a bank to handle.

They may have bad credit and may be unable to get another type of loan at rates they can afford. makes it possible for individuals to borrow between $25 and $50, at rates they can afford. For some enterprising individuals, this amount is enough to start their own business.

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