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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good Cyber Security Habit- Password Protecting or Locking Your Computer When You’re Gone

Many people nowadays use their computers for work or play. Some are constantly on their laptops, desktops or tablets while others use their phone or another type of mobile device to access documents, photos and the internet.

Person with PDA handheld device. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of us take precautions to keep safe online but we may not be as cautious when it comes to protecting your computer when you are not using it. Who has access to your computer when you are not physically present? If you carry your computer to work with you to make it easier to work on files when you get home, do you take steps to protect it?

Podcasts Screenshot (Photo credit: Dale Gillard)

One of the things you can do is password protect your computer. The same applies to your phone or any other mobile device. Prevent people from logging in and being able to access work documents and other important files when you are not there.
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Even your children may casually turn on your computer without your permission and misuse the information you have there. At work, skilled coworkers can easily turn on your computer and find out what your credit card number is, just by being able to access the right information. Lock your computer and keep your data safer.

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